I am a twenty-some year old finishing my college degrees in Spanish and Psychology and trying to figure out what my next step is! I am going into my third year working in a physical therapy clinic as as a P.T. aide, and I love my job. It has taught me so many things and has enhanced my desire to go into physical therapy or rehabilitation, wether it is as a therapist or in the field of rehabilitation and exercise psychology/therapy.

I love to move, through running, skiing, hiking, (a little) biking, or learning new sports, like climbing. I also love to bake and cook, and I often experiment in the kitchen with recipes or my imagination.
I want to use this as a healthy living blog, but also more. I want to use it as a way to express my thoughts from moving through life. My best meditation comes from running, and I often have great ideas to write about while I am moving (or baking)!
I will share my baking and outdoor adventures with you, as well as write about my progress away from my body image and eating issues in my past as I go through recovery.

Thanks for reading!



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